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Al_GregoryMy name is Al and I am an avid MINI fan.
I am currently on my fifth MINI sporting a John Cooper Works LCi convertible. You can see my MINI beasts below.

I am members of many MINI groups on social media and have a great social life with like minded people to share all things MINI.

I decided to set up whiteleymini.club as there is currently nothing in the immediate area which supports and hosts modern MINI events. There are many south coast MINI groups, but nothing in the middle for us lazy modern MINI people.

My goal is to get modern MINI owners together, eat, drink, admire our cars and promote the group at MINI events.

ALL generations of modern MINI are welcome, the more the merrier.

Question time

Q : What was your first car?
A : Vauxhall Nova 1.0l star. It was a beast – even had a choke.

Q : What is your next MINI modification? 
A : I think it will be stripes of some sort and a complete de-chrome.

Q : What’s the top three things you love about your MINI?
A : Mmmm… 1 – it’s roof comes off. Sexy. 2 – New daylight driving lights. Super bright. 3 – Not having a spoiler. Don’t know why but I don’t much like them.

Q : Give us one top cleaning tip
A : Use three buckets to wash your MINI. 1 for wheels alone and 2 to wash and rinse.

Show us your MINIs

Blade | 2018 JCW convertible | Gen 3 LCi
Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 18.16.57
Ginger Ninja | 2014 Mini Cooper S 3 door hatch | Gen 3
Oracle | 2014 Mini Cooper Coupe | Gen 2
Batfink | 2014 Mini Cooper 3 door hatch | Gen 3
Pepe | 2008 Mini One 3 door hatch | Gen 2

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