Go prepared to the showroom

Carwow is the way to go…

We have all seen the adverts saying ‘we can find you a better price and take the awkwardness out of showroom negotiation’.  For some this is the thrill of the purchasing experience. We agree, but you can do both.

Having recently ordered a brand new MINI I did indeed use carwow to help. This is what we did.

Firstly, decide on the car you want. You will need to know the engine, model, colour and all the packs & extras you want. Usually you can do this online via a car configuration tool.

Secondly, go to carwow and build your car in the same way. You will then submit your car to the ‘showroom’ and MINI dealers will be alerted to your request and bid for your business.

Now you wait… but not for long. After a few hours (depending on when you do this) you can expect to start to see new quotations arriving in your email box.

You will only receive five quotations. Now you will be able to see the differences they are all offering. From experience, this ranged from 0% to 10.1% off list price. This is without even negotiating or speaking to anyone.

Thirdly, I then took the quotations to my nearest dealer and configured the same car to the one on carwow. I did NOT tell them I used carwow to obtain best prices.

My experience was simple and straight forward. The dealer did their best price, which was below the quotations. I then produced the carwow best prices and they did an even better deal.  Plus I got £20 amazon voucher for using carwow. Result.

We would certainly recommend carwow to new car buyers to see the best deals you can get before you walk into the showroom.

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