Would you share your MINI?

Not on your nelly

MINI Madrid owners of the new 2018 LCI, March onwards, will be invited to participate in a MINI Sharing scheme.

The scheme uses a MINI Module that enables access and engine start via smartphone. No really.

“The company says the trail in Madrid will provide important insights for the global expansion of the MINI brand’s sharing economy activities.  The parent BMW Group says it has identified digital mobility services as one of the future fields to advance as part of NUMBER ONE> NEXT strategy. With its increased commitment to the D-ACES (Design, Autonomous, Connected, Electrified and Services) topics, the company says it is playing a “leading role” in “shaping mobility of the future””.

Source : smart highways.net

“MINI drivers are always ahead of their time, just like their ground-breaking and modern vehicles,” says Sebastian Mackensen, MINI Senior Vice President. “With MINI Sharing, we enable our customers in Spain to participate in the sharing economy. This new technology fits perfectly with our desirable cars and our innovative customer demographic. ”

MINI Sharing allows the vehicle owner to share their MINI with up to ten people. You will even be able to ‘request to use’ the car within the connected app.

How does it work?

Upon arrival at the vehicle, the smartphone on which the MINI Sharing App is installed becomes the car key. A Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and the MINI makes it possible to open the vehicle doors and start the engine by pressing the start / stop toggle switch.

So who wants to share their MINI? Anyone? No… nor do I.

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