Autofinesse – it’s a MINI thing

It’s all about the shine…

I have used Autofinesse for the past 2-3 years and can honestly say it’s one of my favourite brands for quality and finish.

It’s funny to think I wash and clean myself with a maximum of 4 products – yet when it come to my car… there’s a product for everything.

Obviously owning a MINI I want products which makes my car stand out from the crowd and Autofinesse doesn’t disappoint.

The website is great! It included videos for most products on how to use and apply them. They do a reward scheme, so the more you buy the more money you get of your next purchases.

My TOP THREE products from the range are :

auto-finesse-finale-detail-spray-500-mlFinale Quick Detailer – My favourite product in the range! Removes watermarks and waterspots effortlessly – smells amazing and long lasting.

Revive trim dressing – EVERY MINI OWNER NEEDS THIS – it’s great on the black trim of your car – easy to apply and you don’t need a lot – lovely satin look.

Radiance creme – A rich deep wet look polish finish. Now that’s show shine winner!



Also in my collection includes the following (and are equally great) :

Citrus Power – the bug and grime pre-wash remover – spray and wash off.

Total Interior Clean – great for a deep rich finish on interior services

Avalanche Snow Foam – thick, rich foamy lather – great pre-wash to remove loose dirt

Glisten Spray Wax – for a quick finish and waxy look – ideal for shows, after you have used the Finale Quick Detailer.

Dressle – engine bay and all rounder cleaner – super cleaner and removes engine dirt & grime

Gloss tyre dressing – does exactly that – super gloss wheels which lasts weeks

Iron Out – removes all brake dust and iron particles from the wheels and bodywork – essential in your detailing kit

Rag Top protector – convertible protection is key for my fabric roof. This simple spray on and leave is great. Just the ticket and beads water well.

Radiance creme – A rich deep ‘wet look’ finish. Now thats show shine!

Obliterate – removes stubborn tar and grime from paintwork.


Excellent. Wouldn’t be without them in my detailing bag.

I have not been paid, given freebies or work for Autofinesse.

I would also recommend Carbon Collective products, especially the alloy wheel protector – feels like glass to touch. Super.



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