All change at MINI

Whilst you are doing your Waitrose shop online you can now order your new MINI online too…and choices are going…

Today MINI launched their ‘buy online’ option on their website.

You can now configure your MINI online in the same way it is configured in the showroom; from the colour to seats and wheels. The configurator has been tweaked and shows more options.

IMG_0202Being teased online, new options, much like in the USA, will soon be coming. Ranging from the Sport, Exclusive and Classic models…choosing options maybe a thing of the past. If this happens in the UK, the aftermarket sales will explode with customisation and individualism.


Will I get the best deals online?

Obviously, buying online you may not get the best price. If you were haggling in the showroom you could negotiate for that extra tank of fuel or mats with the current configurations. When the model changes to Sport, Exclusive and Classic there may be more wriggle room for better prices.

We have used and purchased through CarWOW that highlighted the best deals using the current modelling. Click HERE to read our review.


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