WMC goes to Mulgari…

Well it’s been an expensive day for a few of our members…

Today WMC visited Mulgari in Bracknell to experience the taste of luxury and ultimate customisation.

Here are some of the photos from todays visit.


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You’ve got the best so what next?

Mulgari… obviously

When you’ve taken the plunge and you’ve bought yourself a MINI and you know you’ve got the best driving machine that’s available, what more can you possibly do?…The answer is clear…get yourself a Mulgari ICON02 makeover!

Mulgari is the evolving super upgrader of premium motor cars based in Bracknell, England. Their remit is to take a vehicle fresh from the Oxford assembly line and transform it into a supercar…using their words…”multiplying it by ten”

Modifications are what make our favourite car brand individual to us. We all have tweaked something or changed a colour scheme somewhere along the line. Mulgari takes a standard vehicle and makes subtle changes which make a huge impact on both style and performance.

Having read about, video watched and viewed up close the ICON02, it’s certainly worth a mention. ICON02 offers six colour schemes: Stealth, Blue Passion, Heritage Red, Hello Yellow, Lime Time and Frozen Steel. The accent colours translate to brake callipers; front grille and lower bars, belt line and door mirrors. The interior has been uplifted which includes seat stitching, steering wheel emblem housing, handbrake, gear gators and speedo that houses the Mulgari logo. Lots of other tweaks are included based on each customer’s own tailor made makeover specification.   Performance changes include Mulgari ECU enhancement, a Mulgari developed intercooler, lowered suspension, up-rated front wishbone bushes, braided brake lines and 18” lightweight wheels, to name a few.

If you want to take the pain out of doing modifications yourself and you have the necessary funds to make it possible, then ICON02 is definitely an option to consider. The unique styling and branding of Mugari will certainly make you stand out from the crowd and provide you with an unparalleled MINI driving experience.


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