WMC Christmas Party

We’re all booked and ready to eat, drink and be merry

We have booked the Fox & Hounds (Lone Barn) on Friday 7th from 18:00hrs for the evening.

For those booked to join us, you can view your menu choices below :

Al GregoryChorizo Bubble & SqueakTurkeyCheese & Biscuits (£1)£18.99 (includes sup)
John SmethurstCrayfish CocktailTurkeyCheese & Biscuits (£1)£18.99 (includes sup)
Sue ThornsCrayfish CocktailTurkeyGingerbread Cheesecake£17.99
Steve ThornsPork & Chicken Liver PateTurkeySorbet£17.99
Mike HealyVeg SoupSlow cooked Rib of Beef (£2 sup)Triple Chocolate Brownie£19.99 (includes sup)
Caralie BuncePork & Chicken Liver PateTurkeyTriple Chocolate Brownie£17.99
Jo BertramCrayfish CocktailSlow cooked Rib of Beef (£2 sup)Gingerbread Cheesecake£19.99 (includes sup)
Andy BertramCrayfish CocktailSlow cooked Rib of Beef (£2 sup)Christmas Pudding£19.99 (includes sup)
Craig SankeyPork & Chicken Liver PateChef & Brewer BurgerTriple Chocolate Brownie£17.99
Adi LiVeg SoupSlow cooked Rib of Beef (£2 sup)£16.99 (includes sup)
Adam WattersTurkeyTriple Chocolate Brownie£19.99 (includes dep)
Wayne WestTurkeyTriple Chocolate Brownie£14.99
Claire WestTurkeyTriple Chocolate Brownie£14.99
Jade WestTurkeyGingerbread Cheesecake£14.99
CJ StruttonChorizo Bubble & SqueakTurkeyChristmas Pudding£17.99
Keith HambidgeChorizo Bubble & SqueakTurkeyTriple Chocolate Brownie£17.99


To make things a little fun we shall be doing a secret Santa which will involve being given a members name to which you buy a gift for £5. It can be anything. It’s always fun!




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