whiteleymini.club PayPal account

Paying for event tickets just got easier…

You can now make payments to our whiteleymini.club PayPal account, rather than our personal accounts.

This enables us to keep easier track of those who have paid for specific events/ tickets..

NOTE: when you make the payment please use ‘Friends & Family’ as the transaction type. This will stop a charge being made to us/you.

The email address to make a payment to is : paypal@whiteleymini.club

Or you can click > https://paypal.me/whiteleyminiclub

The admin team have access to this account.

Can I use PayPal in the website shop?

You will not be able to use PayPal to make payments on the website for goods and services, this uses credit, debit card payments (Stripe) and Apple Pay. PayPal charge a fee to use this service where Apple Pay and Stripe do not.

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