Mulgari and Barons Hindhead meets…

Faster cars Mulgari meet and Barons Hindhead MINI meet…

On Saturday 29 June Mulgari cars held their first Faster Cars and Stronger coffee meet.

This was an opportunity for petrol heads with a thirst for something special to get together and talk cars and more specifically the ICON2.

ICON2 is the Mulgari’s flagship brand where they take a standard MINI JCW and convert it into something special. Also known as the Mulgari treatment.

Following Saturday’s gorgeous weather we attended the MINI Barons Hindhead brunch meet.

A convoy of MINIs took to the road and went through the Hindhead tunnel. Pops and bangs were certainly heard in the tunnel with smiles all round from the WMC members, as we did a couple of runs before attending the meet.

Barons MINI hosted the event at their Hindhead branch. Jack and his team organised and ran the day. Lots of MINIs attended ranging from a 1967 classic to the modern mark 3 BMW variations. Some bargains were also had on the day and lots of money was raised for a local charity.

Some photos from both events

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