WMC events and Public Liability Insurance

This year we are doing something slightly different.

As this is the first year where whiteleymini.club are charging £1 per person, per event, we need to keep an audit of all people on our stand.

The easiest way is to give people a ticket, which admin will scan on the day. Therefore we shall have an automated, updated and timely system.

What do I have to do?

You will be sent your Public Liability Insurance ticket via text message for the event.

You will then attend the event as normal and one of the admin team shall scan your ticket to ensure you are covered on the stand for that event.
Simples really!

We ask that all members attending an event provide us with a mobile number so they can be contacted on the day, should an emergency arise, as well as providing you with updates, ticket information and your Public Liability Insurance ticket.

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