Bimmercode App – coding

Coding your MINI has never been so easy.

First and foremost take no responsibility for Bimmercode, their app or coding of your MINI. We only provide our experience of using the application. Code at your own risk.

What is Bimmercode?

Bimmercode is a simple app which can unlock and change settings within your MINI. It, in basic terms, reads the brain of the MINI and enables tweaks.

It is available on both the Android and Apple device app stores. The app is free of charge, but to code you will need to purchase the full version, along with the adaptor.

What equipment do you need?

We purchased the Vgate iCar Pro Wi-Fi ELM327 OBD2 OBDII Car Auto Diagnostic Scanner Tool Check Engine Light for iOS iPhone/iPad/Android Compatible With Adapter from costing £21.90.

This was to use with our iPhone via WiFi. Other versions are available for Android.

The full app costs £31.00 from iTunes Store. So in total it cost £52.90 for the kit.

What can be done?

Sooo many things.

A full list can be viewed HERE.

How do you do it?

We did the following steps :

READ the help on the Bimmercode website so you know what you want to achieve.

  1. Start the ignition of the MINI (NOT the engine – the engine should not be running)
  2. Turn your iPhone into Airplane mode.
  3. Turn on your WiFi on the iPhone.
  4. Plug in the Vgate iCar Pro into the ODB port (near drivers side door)
  5. Select Vgate from the Wifi list on your iPhone.
  6. Vgate lights : Red light means its connected to car, Blue light means connected to iPhone, green light coding/ reading MINI
  7. Open the Bimmercode app.
  8. Click setting cog and bottom right
  9. Click Adaptor and choose Vgate iCar Pro WiFi. Then click back and Done.
  10. Click Connect
  11. You will then see the screen change after talking to your car.
  12. Choose your change/ additions and click code.
  13. Your car will reboot and make noises when running the code.
  14. Code one thing at a time – we tried a couple at a time and it did not work.
  15. We recommend you only code those things you want to change or add.
  16. We recommend you do NOT do expert mode in the app.

Again, accepts no responsibility for you, your MINI or coding of your MINI. You do so at your own risk.

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