How to apply a decal

1.Apply at the right time.

You should only apply decals when the weather is mild. Don’t try to apply decals when it is extremely cold or hot.

2.Clean the area.

Before you apply a decal, clean the area where you will put the decal. Clean the area only with either rubbing alcohol or soap and water. Don’t use a window cleaning product on the window because the residue it leaves will prevent the decal from sticking.

3.Remove air bubbles from the decal.

Prepare the decal before you place it on your window. Use something with a thin edge, like a credit card. Take the credit card or other object and rub it along the side of the decal with the clear tape from one edge to the opposite edge. The goal of this process is to remove any air bubbles.

4.Measure the area.

With larger decals, measure the decal and the window area where you wish to place it. Make sure the decal will fit.Measuretwice, install once.

5.Remove the white paper backing.

Take the decal and slowly remove the white paper back from the sticker and clear plastic transfer tape. The white paper should come off without any sticking. Make sure you have all the decal removed from the paper.

6.Position the decal.

Position the decal exactly how you want it on the window. If there is a specific place you want the decal, you may want to mark the top edge or middle with tape before trying to place it. That will help you get the right spot.

7.Let the decal set for around 15 minutes.

Gently rub the decal to stick to surface.

8.Remove the transfer tape.

Carefully lift up 1 corner of the clear transfer tape. Slowly remove the tape, making sure to peel it at an angle from the corner. Use gentle pressure so you don’t remove the decal.

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