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Why have Public Liability Insurance (PLI)
What’s covered?
How much does it cost?
Key information

whiteleymini.club has now purchased it’s Public Liability Insurance (PLI) for the 2020 show season ahead.

Why have Public Liability Insurance (PLI)?

We have taken the decision to purchase this valuable product due to constraints imposed on clubs attending organised events. 

Although not strictly mandatory, should any incident occur whilst attending a show/event and we were not to be insured, our liability could cause severe financial loss to individuals should a claim be made. 

Members of the group who attend a show/event with us will now be covered by this insurance policy. Admins will have a copy of the PLI policy at each event on show.

You will need to be a FULL MEMBER to join us on our stand and take advantage of our Public Liability insurance. Those who are NOT Full Members will not be covered.

What’s covered?

The policy covers an individual’s liability to others whilst attending shows/events. Your own car insurance will cover your vehicle. Only MINI branded vehicles are permitted on the whiteleymini.club stand, as per insurance terms and conditions.

Where a joint stand has been arranged both clubs must have PLI to ensure complete coverage.

How much does it cost?

WMC admin will again purchase its Public Liability Insurance (PLI) for the show season of 2020.

The cost is £183. Last years premium was £154.56.

However, as this is a cost to the admin team, we shall now have to charge for events where we attend shows as a club.

Therefore, each person will be required to pay £1 per event.

Key information :

  1. We do not make any money from this insurance policy
  2. It is to protect you as a person and your liability to others
  3. This does not replace your car Insurance policy  
  4. You will need your own car insurance
  5. All payments will be recorded for audit and proof for our insurers
  6. Our insurance certificate will be on show at each event in one of the admins MINIs.
  7. Insurance is only provided for BMW MINI persons on stand
  8. Payment is required before or on the day of the event, not after
  9. Payment is through our PayPal account (paypal@whiteleymini.club), cash or card.

Terms and conditions apply.

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