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i ‘YOU’, ‘YOUR’, and ‘YOURSELF’ refer to YOU requiring the services of the whiteleymini.club website

ii ‘US’, ‘WE’ and ‘OUR’ ‘whiteleymini.club’ refer to whiteleymini.club, the providers of the website and closed Facebook group

iii Correct at time of publishing

Published : 16 August 2018 | 22:54
Amendments : 12 April 2019 | 14:48 (1, 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 1e, 1f, 1g, 18a, 18b, 19, 21, 21 and 23)
Amendments : 21 June 2019 | 10:01 (6a, 6b)
Amendments : 1 February 2020 | 14:51 (1, 1a, 1d, 1e, 1g, 1h, 2)
Amendments : 14 March 2020 | 11:22 (17a, 30 onwards) Removal of 1e, 1f, 1g, 1h)

YOUR membership

1 A full member is someone who has joined our closed Facebook group

1a Membership is free of charge to join

1b YOU need to be a full member to receive OUR third party special offers and discounts

1c YOU must not share these offers and discounts with others

1d There are no membership fees

2 WE shall store your email inline with our privacy and GDPR policies

3 YOU agree to advise US if YOU decide to leave the group/ take a break from Facebook by emailing leave@whiteleymini.club

4 YOU automatically enrol to receive Facebook/ email alerts/reminders.  If YOU wish to change this please email US mail@whiteleymini.club

5 This website can be viewed on external devices including, laptops, PCs, mobile phones and tablets

whiteleymini.club website

6 The content of this website is visible to the public

6a WE do not work for or get commission from Bimmercode. 

6b WE do NOT take responsibility or liability for YOU coding YOUR MINI.

7 No information on this portal has a restricted or private markings

8 YOU can sign up for other services if YOU wish to when YOU registered

9 All logo, fonts, and design layouts are registered to US, whiteleymini.club

10 whiteleymini.club designed this website

11 YOU cannot use the whiteleymini.club logo without prior consent from US

12 whiteleymini.club own all content on this website

13 WE reserve the right to remove the website without prior notice

14 The domain name whiteleymini.club is registered to US

15 WE shall back up OUR servers at regular intervals through OUR service provider

16 OUR service provider for the website hosting is WordPress

17 OUR service provider for the domain name, whiteleymini.club, is 1and1.co.uk

17a OUR providers of the text service is textlocal.co.uk

17b Texts are free for members to receive

17c Members can sign up for text alerts free of charge

17d Members can request in writing to be removed from this service

Images and video

18 If YOU submit text to the website or OUR Facebook closed group, WE shall be the owners of the text and its content

18a If YOU publish images on OUR private Facebook group WE shall be the owners of these images

18b If YOU publish video footage on OUR private Facebook group WE shall be the owners of these videos

19 WE may publish YOUR images on OUR Instagram page. WE shall always mark YOU as the owner if WE choose to do so

Payments and offers

20 SumUp and PayPal is OUR preferred method to receive payments for goods and services provided to YOU the customer

21 YOU do not need a SumUp account to make purchases. 

22 SumUp, PayPal and Apple Pay are registered trademarks

23 Special promotions are subject to availability and subject to status

23a Offers may only be available on our private Facebook group or website

Public Liability Insurance (PLI)

24 Public Liability Insurance is paid upfront by US

24a For period 22 March 2019 – 23 March 2020 £154.56 premium was paid via admin team

24b The renewal premium if £183 for period 23 March 2020 – 23 March 2021

25 YOU will be required to pay £1, per person, per event in advance or on the day of the event

26 Other terms and conditions apply

27 OUR Public Liability Insurance is provided by Adrian Flux

Contact US

28 YOU can contact US here for all other enquiries

29 whiteleymini.club administration have the right to refuse membership or to remove membership.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

30 If an event is cancelled or postponed, WE shall let all members know via OUR text service, Facebook group and this dedicated page

31 Refunds will be issued in line with the event organisers process and guidance, if a refund is possible

32 WE cannot provide a refund for tickets until WE have received the refund from the event organisers

33 If an event is cancelled WE shall refund the PLI supplement YOU purchased along with the ticket value if a refund is possible in line with rule 31

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